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34 Click your mouse once on page to zoom in Patriot Chuck BOWL REVERSING JAWS Click your mouse again on page to zoom out These Bowl Reversing Jaws are perfect for finishing the outside and bottom of any bowl. Lightweight but extremely strong aluminium plates with 10 positions and 8 rubber grips to gently hold the outside of a bowl without causing any damage to the turned piece . Max diameter 9”. PIN JAWS 1” (25mm) Drill a 1” (25mm) hole into the wood approximately 1” (25mm) deep. Close the jaws completely and place jaws into hole. Now open the jaws out to fill the hole and grip the wood securely. Ideal for projects such as peppermills. With a fine internal and external dovetail, these jaws are perfect for fine intricate or miniature projects. Ref Description Ref Description Ref Description RSJBR RSJP RSJ1 Bowl Reversing Jaws Pin Jaws 1” (25mm) 1” (25mm) JAWS 1” (25mm) Jaws DEEP GRIP JAWS 1 3 / 8 ” (35mm) JAWS 2 3 / 4 ” (70mm) JAWS Designed for small projects, such as boxes and small bowls up to 6” diameter. For bigger bowls and projects up to 13” diameter that need a little more substantial hold. Designed with deep sides to give extra grip on large logs and awkward pieces of wood. They also have a large internal and external dovetail to securely hold large bowls in excess of 16” in diameter. Ref Description Ref Description Ref Description RSJ3 2 3 / 4 ” (70mm) Jaws RSJDG RSJ15 1 3 / 8 ” (35mm) Jaws 3 1 / 2 ” (89mm) JAWS These jaws allow for even bigger bowls up to 16” diameter to be held securely .Â� Ref Description RSJ4 3 1 / 2 ” (89mm) Jaws 4 1 / 4 ” (108mm) Jaws FACE PLATE RINGS Designed with an internal dovetail to fit securely onto the standard 2” (50mm) jaws. These rings work in the same way as normal faceplates but with the convenience of the easy chuck fitting. Available with an outer diameter of 3 1 / 8 ” (80mm) and 4 3 / 4 ” (120mm). Ref Description FPR120 4 3 / 4 ” (120mm) Ref Description FPR80 3 1 / 8 ” (80mm)