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24 Multi Tip Hollowing Tool The Multi-tip hollowing tool is a Robert Sorby legend and a must- have for every turner’s collection. Its massive half round shank and interchangeable cutters make this a solid and sturdy tool capable of multiple applications. The tool is available in three sizes. The RS200KT and RS100KT are available with and without a handle (for unhandled versions ask for the SOV-RS200 and SOV-RS100 respectively). The larger SOV-RS300 is offered as an unhandled version only. Each tool comes with three cutting tips. FOR HOLLOWING Unlike other systems, when used for hollowing, the RS200KT is used with the flat section on the tool rest. This eliminates all the rocking and rolling often associated with hollowing and puts the turner firmly in control. For the rapid opening up of an aperture or for creating a crisp corner in the base of boxes use the RS212C hollowing tip. If a gentler sweeping curve is required for example in the bottom of vases the RS211C’s curved cutting edge is more suitable. To under-cut rims of bowls offset the cutter, as shown in the picture below. Both tips (RS212C and RS211C) are available in Excelsior titanium nitride plasma bonded coatings. Recommended First Hollowing Tool Half Round Shank - �¾ ” flat surface gives total control during hollowing and scraping - the round face of the shank is ideal for shear scraping HSS cutter for hollowing gentle curves on bowls (RS211C) Optional Extra Cutters Swivelling clamp allows for easy undercutting Multi faceted scraper cutter (RS200C) HSS cutter for rapid initial hollowing and crisp angles (RS212C) Coving RS235C RS238C Recessing and Dovetailing RS234C Beading RS236C RS239C Cutters not actual size FOR FINISHING Fitting the HSS tear-drop shaped cutter (RS200C) turns the tool into a highly efficient multi-faceted scraper. The shape of the scraper cutter converts the tool into a round, half-round or square scraper suitable for use on the inside and outside of bowls, platters and hollow forms, as can be seen in the pictures below. FOR BEADING AND COVING Use the flat surface of the shank on the tool rest to scrape in conventional mode. For shear scraping, turn the tool round laying the half- round section of the shank at 45° on the tool rest. The RS200C is also available in high performance Excelsior series. An additional five cutters allow for a variety of projects from beading and coving to the ceration of bangles, rings and wheels. All tips and cutters are sharpened with the aid of a diamond stone, see page 47. recessing and dovetailing (RS234C) 1 / 4 ” and 1 / 2 ” beads (RS239C) 3 / 8 ” and 5 / 8 ” beads (RS236C) 1 / 4 ” and 1 / 2 ” coves (RS238C) 3 / 8 ” and 5 / 8 ” coves (RS235C). The respective beads and coves match exactly. Use the curved edge for internal work Beading Use the straight edge for external work Coving MULTI-TIP HOLLOWING TOOLS Ref Overall Minimum Maximum Length Aperture Project Cutter RS200KT 19” 1” 6” S U SOV-RS200 1” 6” SOV-RS300 S U 1” 12” RS200C Medium Tear-drop Scraper RS200GC Medium Tear-drop Scraper (TiN) RS211C Round End Swivel Tip RS211GC Round End Swivel Tip (TiN) RS212C Side / End Swivel Tip RS212GC Side / End Swivel Tip (TiN) RS234C 45˚ - 60˚ recess Cutting Tip (Optional) RS235C 8 / 3 ” - 5 / 8 ” Cove Cutting Tip (Optional) RS236C 8 / 3 ” - 5 / 8 ” Bead Cutting Tip (Optional) RS238C 4 / 1 ” - 1 / 2 ” Cove Cutting Tip (Optional) RS239C 4 / 1 ” - 1 / 2 ” Bead Cutting Tip (Optional) Please note: Cutters can be sharpened using the 472 tip holder. See page 23. i Midi Multi-Tip Hollowing Tool Its small scale makes it ideal for smaller hollow forms. • 1 / 2 ” Flat surface allows for aggressive hollowing • Swivel clamp allows under cutting • OneÂ�curved tip (RS111C) for flowing shapes • A second pointed tip (RS112C) for square shapes • �Teardrop scraper cutter acts as a round, half round and square scraper all in one • Full instructions included Ref Overall Length Handle Length RS100KT 16” 10” SOV-RS100 6” (Blade) S U RS111C Midi Round Tip RS112C Midi Point Tip RS222 Teardrop Scraper Cutter RS222G Teardrop Scraper Cutter (TiN) Please note: These cutters need to be sharpened on the tool.